University of Technology Sydney

MAJ03438 Computer Control Engineering

Computer control engineering involves the use of computers to control real-time applications in areas such as instrumentation automation for manufacturing, biomedical and power applications. Computer control engineers combine control, electronics, software and computer systems to design innovative solutions for industry.

The Computer Control Engineering major offers subjects which teach you about the brains behind machines, how to design systems for computer or biomedical applications, the design of artificial intelligence and more.

The knowledge you gain prepares you for work in many industries involving instrumentation and control, electronics, biomedical engineering and power systems. Background knowledge in electrical engineering and computer systems will prepare you for this major, however it is not a requisite.

Awarding of this major on an academic transcript also requires the completion of a graduate project in this broad discipline area.

Completion requirements

CBK90478  Computer Control choice  12cp
CBK90531  Computer Systems choice  12cp
Total  24cp