University of Technology Sydney

MAJ03421 Energy Planning and Policy

Most countries in the world, both developed and developing, view energy issues as a high priority. Concerns about global warming, sustainability issues and the like reinforce the significance and immediacy of energy issues.

Effective planning and policy initiatives are required to identify energy systems that are technically, economically, environmentally and socially feasible and responsible in their approach to the energy needs of society.

The Energy Planning and Policy major contributes to the training and professional development of people working or preparing to work in energy utilities, energy companies, environmental organisations, government departments, consulting groups and other national and international organisations dealing in energy and environmental matters, both in developed and developing countries.

Completion requirements

Select one of the following:  6cp
      49021  Evaluation of Infrastructure Investments 6cp 
      49024  Energy Modelling 6cp 
CBK90355  Major core subject choice  18cp
Total  24cp