University of Technology Sydney

MAJ03007 Mechanical Engineering

48610  Introduction to Mechanical Engineering  6cp
Select 6 credit points of options:  6cp
48221  Engineering Computations 6cp 
41054  Applied Mechanics and Design A  6cp
41053  Materials and Manufacturing Engineering A  6cp
41099  Introduction to Mechatronics Engineering  6cp
41056  Machines and Mechanisms A  6cp
41057  Thermofluids A  6cp
41058  Dynamic Systems and Control A  6cp
43014  Applied Mechanics and Design B  6cp
43017  Machines and Mechanisms B  6cp
43016  Materials and Manufacturing B  6cp
43018  Dynamic Systems and Control B  6cp
43015  Thermofluid B  6cp
41059  Mechanical Design Fundamentals Studio 1  6cp
41060  Mechanical Design Fundamentals Studio 2  6cp
41066  Mechanical Systems Design Studio 1  6cp
41067  Mechanical Systems Design Studio 2  6cp
43019  Design in Mechanical and Mechatronic Systems  6cp
41029  Engineering Research Preparation  6cp
Select 6 credit points of options:  6cp
43020  Capstone 6cp 
41030  Engineering Capstone 6cp 
Total  120cp