University of Technology Sydney

MAJ03005 Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers design the systems responsible for the generation and supply of electricity and are at the forefront of developing renewable energy systems and superefficient electrical devices to reduce energy demands. With their knowledge of power systems, control, real-time computing, signal processing, and energy conversion, they are involved with applications ranging from advanced power grids to robotics, renewable energy, and industrial control.

Completion requirements

48510  Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering  6cp
48441  Introductory Digital Systems  6cp
48521  Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering  6cp
48520  Electronics and Circuits  6cp
48430  Fundamentals of C Programming  6cp
68038  Advanced Mathematics and Physics  6cp
48530  Circuit Analysis and Design  6cp
48531  Electromechanical Automation  6cp
48540  Signals and Systems  6cp
41029  Engineering Research Preparation  6cp
41030  Engineering Capstone  6cp
41088  Professional Studio A  6cp
41089  Professional Studio B  6cp
CBK91781  Electrical Engineering Studio choice  24cp
CBK91782  Electrical Engineering options  18cp
Total  120cp