University of Technology Sydney

MAJ01130 Marine Science and Management

91146  Topics in Australian Marine Science  6cp
91165  External Marine Study 1  6cp
91166  External Marine Study 2  6cp
Select 30 credit points of options:  30cp
91540  Climate Change and Ecological Modelling 6cp 
91126  Coral Reef Ecosystems 6cp 
91547  Environment Research Project 24cp 
91545  Environment Research Project A 12cp 
91546  Environment Research Project B 12cp 
60102  Ethics in Animal Research 2cp 
60105  Ethics in Human Research 2cp 
91118  Fisheries Resources 6cp 
91157  Marine Communities 6cp 
91156  Marine Productivity and Climate Change 6cp 
60109  Professional Science Document Writing 2cp 
60106  Research Proposal Writing 2cp 
60116  Risk Assessment and Management for Science 2cp 
Total  48cp