University of Technology Sydney

MAJ01111 Statistics

Students gain a good understanding of mathematical statistics and its applications. The study of statistics prepares students to interpret data and to design data collection for maximum information at a given cost.

Students learn the theoretical underpinnings of the discipline as well as the practical skills that enable them to apply their knowledge in such diverse areas as market research, health or the environment.

Students can also choose additional studies in other areas within science or from other faculties such as business, law or information technology.

Completion requirements

37363  Stochastic Processes and Financial Mathematics  6cp
37495  Statistical Design and Models for Evaluation Studies  6cp
37373  Programming for Data Analysis  6cp
Select 6 credit points of options:  6cp
37335  Differential Equations 6cp 
35005  Lebesgue Integration and Fourier Analysis 6cp 
35006  Numerical Methods 6cp 
37345  Quantitative Management Practice 6cp 
37336  Vector Calculus and Partial Differential Equations 6cp 
Total  96cp