University of Technology Sydney

MAJ01110 Mathematics

Students gain a good understanding of the mathematical foundations of quantitative methods and modelling technologies used in such areas as finance, logistics, health and market research. Students acquire analytic skills and develop the creative, logical approach to problem solving that enables them to apply their knowledge in real-world situations. The extensive choice of specialty mathematics subjects allows students to customise their degree according to their interests.

Students can also choose additional studies in other areas within science or from other faculties such as business, law or information technology.

Completion requirements

37233  Linear Algebra  6cp
37242  Introduction to Optimisation  6cp
37262  Mathematical Statistics  6cp
37234  Complex Analysis  6cp
37252  Regression and Linear Models  6cp
37181  Discrete Mathematics  6cp
41039  Programming 1  6cp
CBK92069  Transdisciplinary Electives  6cp
STM91762  Sub-major/Electives (Mathematics)  48cp
Total  96cp