University of Technology Sydney

MAJ01104 Biomedical Science

This major provides students with in-depth understanding of how the body works at the cellular level, what causes disease and the techniques of laboratory diagnosis of disease, which include expanding areas of molecular-based diagnostic techniques.

Students gain the underpinning knowledge and laboratory skills required to participate in research aimed at disease prevention and treatment.

Core study areas include biochemistry, clinical microbiology, haematology, histology, human anatomy and physiology, immunology, molecular biology, parasitology and pathology.

Students obtain a solid background in the biological and medical sciences, and practical experimentation. A biomedical science major provides excellent underpinning knowledge for entry into a postgraduate medicine program.

Completion requirements

91500  Histology  6cp
91320  Metabolic Biochemistry  6cp
91314  General Microbiology  6cp
91563  Haematology  6cp
91401  Immunology  6cp
91239  Human Pathophysiology  6cp
91195  Epidemiology and Pathogenesis of Infections  6cp
91196  Microbiology Diagnosis  6cp
Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
91192  Advanced Haematology and Pathology Diagnosis 6cp 
91193  Advanced Medical Biochemistry 6cp 
91178  Applications of Molecular Biology 6cp 
91148  Human Genetics and Precision Medicine 6cp 
91180  Immunology and Human Health 6cp 
91705  Medical Devices and Diagnostics 6cp 
91129  Transfusion Science 6cp 
CBK92137  Electives (Science UG)  24cp
Total  96cp