University of Technology Sydney

MAJ01102 Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is understanding how the world works at the level of atoms, molecules and applying that knowledge to make or improve more user-friendly and sustainable products, such as self-cleaning surfaces, energy-efficient window coatings or light bulbs, clear-gel sunscreens, smart materials, and targeted drug delivery systems.

This is a multidisciplinary major that teaches students the valuable knowledge and skills to understand biological, physical and chemical processes at the nanoscale, through a dynamic combination of theory and practical skills.

Core study areas include materials science, nanomaterials, nanotubes, bionanotechnology, molecular nanotechnology, nanoscale sensors, nanodevices, optics, scanned probe, electron microscopy and imaging science.

Hands-on training in nanotechnology tools are a core component of this major.

Professional recognition: Australian Institute of Physics.

Completion requirements

STM90683  Core subjects (Physics and Nanotechnology)  48cp
65307  Physical Chemistry 1  6cp
67509  Molecular Nanotechnology  6cp
91140  Bionanotechnology  6cp
67510  Surface Processes  6cp
CBK90798  Sub-major/Electives  24cp
Total  96cp