University of Technology Sydney

MAJ01100 Chemistry

This major gives students the insight into how chemical substances work and the reasons for their behaviour with a dynamic combination of practice and theory. Students gain strong practical skills and lots of laboratory experience.

Core study areas include analytical, environmental and toxicological chemistry, physical, organic and inorganic chemistry, chemical safety and legislation.

Students have access to sophisticated, cutting-edge technology and instruments in a modern science facility. They also learn from practising scientists and researchers.

Completion requirements

65202  Organic Chemistry 1  6cp
65307  Physical Chemistry 1  6cp
65306  Analytical Chemistry 1  6cp
65409  Analytical Chemistry 2  6cp
65411  Inorganic Chemistry 1  6cp
65508  Organic Chemistry 2  6cp
65509  Inorganic Chemistry 2  6cp
65001  Medicinal Chemistry  6cp
STM91761  Sub-major/Electives (Chemistry)  48cp
Total  96cp