University of Technology Sydney

CBK92304 Electives (Creative Intelligence and Strategic Innovation PG) MCISI

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
CBK92240  Electives 24cp 
94708  Changing Minds 3cp 
94728  Creative Experiment 3cp 
94711  Fields of Thought 3cp 
94709  Future Value and Impact 3cp 
94759  Future-proof Your Organisation 9cp 
94727  Makers Culture: Rapid, Creative Making 3cp 
94703  Networks and Ecosystems 3cp 
94761  Studio B 6cp 
94707  Theory of Change 3cp 
94702  Thinking Complexly: Beyond Problem Solving 3cp 
94729  Transdisciplinary Collaboration A 3cp 
94730  Transdisciplinary Collaboration B 6cp 
Total  24cp