University of Technology Sydney

CBK92219 Electives (UG Property Economics)

Select 18 credit points of options:  18cp
CBK92216  Electives 18cp 
16129  Forensic Trust Accounting 6cp 
16338  International Property Investment 6cp 
16003  Introduction to Conservation and Heritage 6cp 
16006  Introduction to Resilient Development 6cp 
16002  Introduction to Urban Design 6cp 
16005  Introduction to the Property Development Process 6cp 
16238  Property Data Visualisation and Analytics 6cp 
16677  Property Investment Vehicles 6cp 
16017  Property Management Futures 6cp 
16018  Property Technology and Innovation 6cp 
16680  Special Topics in Property 6cp 
16331  Specialised Valuation 6cp 
Total  18cp