University of Technology Sydney

CBK92067 Electives (8cp subjects)

CBK92070  Transdisciplinary Electives  8cp
Select 16 credit points of options:  16cp
013993  Aboriginal Sydney Now 8cp 
59721  Academic English: Communication Fundamentals 8cp 
36201  Arguments, Evidence and Intuition 8cp 
54098  Becoming Australia 8cp 
976111  Contemporary China 8cp 
976411  Contemporary France 8cp 
976421  Contemporary Germany 8cp 
976431  Contemporary Italy 8cp 
976211  Contemporary Japan 8cp 
976451  Contemporary Spain 8cp 
54092  Culture: Plugged and Unplugged 8cp 
59356  Developing Academic Writing and Speaking Skills 8cp 
54094  Environmental Communication 8cp 
54081  Global Cinema 8cp 
977912  In-country Contemporary Society Study 8cp 
977913  In-country Language and Culture Study 8cp 
99218  Intercultural Communication 8cp 
97900  International Internship 8cp 
54091  Professional Internship 8cp 
54083  Sexing Power 8cp 
54004  The Future of Work 8cp 
Total  24cp