University of Technology Sydney

CBK91952 Electives (Science)

Select 12 credit points of options:  12cp
21513  Business Ethics and Sustainability 6cp 
52710  Climate Justice and Climate Policy 6cp 
52713  Communicating Health and Science 6cp 
99211  Cultures of Globalisation 6cp 
21636  Developing Sustainable Destinations 6cp 
23115  Economics for Business 6cp 
23570  Economics of the Environment 6cp 
48850  Environmental Planning and Law 6cp 
48350  Environmental and Sanitation Engineering 6cp 
52674  Global Economies 6cp 
99212  Global Governance 6cp 
92577  Health Project and Program Management and Evaluation 6cp 
52671  Histories of the Present 6cp 
99200  Intercultural Communication 6cp 
48210  Interrogating Technology: Sustainability, Environment and Social Change 6cp 
92574  Introduction to Public Health 6cp 
52673  Political Ideas and Change 6cp 
48860  Pollution Control and Waste Management 6cp 
48821  Principles of Environmental Engineering 6cp 
43124  Renewable Energy Technology 6cp 
48370  Road and Transport Engineering 6cp 
92488  The Environment, Health and Sustainability 6cp 
48840  Water Supply and Wastewater Engineering 6cp 
Total  12cp