University of Technology Sydney

CBK91075 Electives (Data Science and Innovation)

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
32513  Advanced Data Analytics Algorithms 6cp 
32113  Advanced Database 6cp 
32509  Advanced Interaction Design 6cp 
32536  Advanced Software Modelling 6cp 
32558  Business Intelligence 6cp 
32567  Business Intelligence for Decision Support 6cp 
32559  Business Systems Design 6cp 
42904  Cloud Computing and Software as a Service 6cp 
32548  Cybersecurity 6cp 
32146  Data Visualisation and Visual Analytics 6cp 
95566  Digital Experience Design 6cp 
32309  Digital Forensics 6cp 
92974  Fundamentals of Biostatistics 6cp 
32130  Fundamentals of Data Analytics 6cp 
92296  Fundamentals of Epidemiology 6cp 
32516  Internet Programming 6cp 
24720  Introduction to Marketing Research 6cp 
57152  Investigative Research in the Digital Environment 8cp 
49001  Judgment and Decision Making 6cp 
37233  Linear Algebra 6cp 
49002  Managing Projects 6cp 
35252  Mathematical Statistics 6cp 
37438  Modern Analysis with Applications 6cp 
37459  Multivariate Data Analysis 6cp 
49275  Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic 6cp 
25852  Numerical Analysis for Quantitative Finance 6cp 
35366  Numerical Methods of Finance 6cp 
92847  Planning and Evaluating Health Services 6cp 
78248  Privacy and Surveillance: Law and Policy 6cp 
15312  Project Communication, HR and Stakeholders 6cp 
15315  Project Management Principles 6cp 
15316  Project Scope, Time and Cost Management 6cp 
35355  Quality Control 6cp 
49309  Quality Planning and Analysis 6cp 
49306  Quality and Operations Management Systems 6cp 
35393  Seminar (Statistics) 6cp 
35364  Statistics for Quantitative Finance 6cp 
35365  Stochastic Calculus in Finance 6cp 
15336  Systems Thinking for Managers 6cp 
32931  Technology Research Methods 6cp 
92917  Using Health Care Data for Decision Making 6cp 
Total  24cp