University of Technology Sydney

CBK90953 Electives

Select 48 credit points of options:  48cp
92295  Advanced Health Services Planning 6cp 
78126  Corporate Governance 6cp 
78229  Disability and the Law 6cp 
79771  Dispute Resolution 6cp 
57223  Exploring Human Communication: Theories and Practice 8cp 
25742  Financial Management 6cp 
92721  Health Education and Health Promotion 6cp 
92297  Health Systems and Change 6cp 
23787  Health Technology Assessment 6cp 
92022  Improving Quality and Safety in Health Care 6cp 
97902  Intercultural and International Communication 8cp 
77734  Law and Medicine 6cp 
78150  Law and Mental Health 6cp 
98728  Leadership, Accountability and Role Development in Advanced Practice 6cp 
92603  Managing Quality, Risk and Cost in Health Care 6cp 
92606  Nursing Leadership in Contemporary Health Care 6cp 
21741  Operations and Quality Management 6cp 
92887  Organisational Management in Health Care 6cp 
92845  Primary Health Care in Diabetes 6cp 
21745  Services and Network Productivity with Data Analytics 6cp 
57214  Stakeholder Engagement 8cp 
92917  Using Health Care Data for Decision Making 6cp 
Total  48cp