University of Technology Sydney

CBK90797 Foundation subject choice B

Select 6 credit points of options:  6cp
22107  Accounting for Business Decisions A 6cp 
48024  Applications Programming 6cp 
91123  Biocomplexity 6cp 
31269  Business Requirements Modelling 6cp 
91161  Cell Biology and Genetics 6cp 
65111  Chemistry 1 6cp 
31271  Database Fundamentals 6cp 
68101  Foundations of Physics 6cp 
25300  Fundamentals of Business Finance 6cp 
31266  Introduction to Information Systems 6cp 
70110  Introduction to Law 6cp 
68070  Introduction to Materials 6cp 
21129  Managing People and Organisations 6cp 
24108  Marketing Foundations 6cp 
68041  Physical Aspects of Nature 6cp 
68037  Physical Modelling 6cp 
48023  Programming Fundamentals 6cp 
31268  Web Systems 6cp 
Total  6cp