University of Technology Sydney

CBK90786 Electives

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
31241  3D Computer Animation 6cp 
31777  Advanced Interaction Design 6cp 
31242  Advanced Internet Programming 6cp 
31927  Application Development with .NET 6cp 
31245  Business Process and IT Strategy 6cp 
31247  Collaborative Business Processes 6cp 
31249  Computer Graphics Rendering Techniques 6cp 
48730  Cybersecurity 6cp 
31251  Data Structures and Algorithms 6cp 
31097  IT Operations Management 6cp 
31256  Image Processing and Pattern Recognition 6cp 
31257  Information System Development Methodologies 6cp 
31258  Innovations for Global Relationship Management 6cp 
31080  Interactive Media 6cp 
31261  Internetworking Project 6cp 
31262  Introduction to Computer Game Design 6cp 
31263  Introduction to Computer Game Development 6cp 
31264  Introduction to Computer Graphics 6cp 
31250  Introduction to Data Analytics 6cp 
31005  Machine Learning 6cp 
31285  Mobile Applications Development 6cp 
31275  Mobile Networking 6cp 
31274  Network Management 6cp 
31338  Network Servers 6cp 
31276  Networked Enterprise Architecture 6cp 
31748  Programming on the Internet 6cp 
31277  Routing and Switching Essentials 6cp 
31268  Web Systems 6cp 
Total  24cp