University of Technology Sydney

CBK90773 Design Expertise electives

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
89204  2D Digital Animation 6cp 
89202  3D Digital Animation 1 6cp 
89203  3D Digital Animation 2 6cp 
89201  Animation Genres Seminar 6cp 
88952  Design Project Specialisation 6cp 
11401  Digital Master Class A 6cp 
11403  Digital Master Class B 6cp 
11400  Digital Theory 6cp 
88951  Future Design Strategies 6cp 
89200  Graphic Visualisation 6cp 
15327  Managing Project Complexity 6cp 
15325  Negotiation and Conflict Management 6cp 
15312  Project Communication, HR and Stakeholders 6cp 
15315  Project Management Principles 6cp 
15314  Project Management in Peripheral Communities 6cp 
Total  24cp