University of Technology Sydney

CBK90647 Electives

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
CBK92134  Biomedical Engineering electives 12cp 
CBK92135  Environment and Management electives 12cp 
CBK92136  Medical Laboratory Science 18cp 
37457  Advanced Bayesian Methods 8cp 
91567  Advanced Microscopy and Imaging 8cp 
91171  Biomedical Engineering Project C 12cp 
49261  Biomedical Instrumentation 6cp 
69506  Biomolecular Science 6cp 
91191  Bionanotechnology 6cp 
68106  Calculus 1 6cp 
60002  Clinical Trials: Evidence and Design 2cp 
99026  Coastal Protection and Restoration 6cp 
60004  Diagnostic Cytogenetics 2cp 
69504  Diagnostic Pathology 6cp 
91545  Environment Research Project A 12cp 
60102  Ethics in Animal Research 2cp 
60105  Ethics in Human Research 2cp 
65009  Forensic Inference and Interpretation 8cp 
65019  Foundations of Forensic Science 8cp 
60003  Genomics and Precision Medicine 2cp 
99029  Ground Rules for Contaminated Sites 6cp 
60904  Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation 6cp 
42721  Introduction to Biomedical Engineering 6cp 
60108  Laboratory Management 4cp 
37401  Machine Learning: Mathematical Theory and Applications 8cp 
35004  Mathematical Analysis and Applications 8cp 
35002  Mathematics Seminar 8cp 
91705  Medical Devices and Diagnostics 6cp 
69505  Medical Microbiology 6cp 
35003  Modern Algebra 8cp 
49275  Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic 6cp 
37400  Postgraduate Optimisation 8cp 
37007  Probability Theory and Stochastic Analysis 8cp 
91190  Probing the Cell 2cp 
60109  Professional Science Document Writing 2cp 
15315  Project Management Principles 6cp 
91572  Proteomics 8cp 
60106  Research Proposal Writing 2cp 
60116  Risk Assessment and Management for Science 2cp 
99031  Risk-based Site Assessment 6cp 
60119  Science Business Models and Intellectual Property 4cp 
57214  Stakeholder Engagement 8cp 
37010  Statistics and Financial Econometrics 8cp 
91189  Urban Sustainability and Resilience 6cp 
99027  Vegetation Surveys and Plant Identification 4cp 
99028  Water Quality: Issues, Indicators and Safety Guidelines 4cp 
60005  Wildlife Field Techniques: Animal Handling and Survey Methods 4cp 
Total  24cp