University of Technology Sydney

CBK90526 Option (Law)

Select 6 credit points of options:  6cp
76086  Advanced Commercial Transactions 6cp 
76047  Advanced Contracts 6cp 
76037  Advanced Criminal Law 6cp 
76016  Advanced Revenue Law 6cp 
76033  Animal Law and Policy in Australia 6cp 
76003  Asian Law and Legal Systems 6cp 
76074  Australian Civil Liberties Law 6cp 
76112  Australian Private International Law 6cp 
77715  Banking Law 6cp 
76070  Biomedical Law and Bioethics 6cp 
76019  Broadcasting and Telecommunications Regulation 6cp 
76043  Building and Construction Law 6cp 
76066  Children and the Law 6cp 
76048  Citizenship and Immigration Law 6cp 
76041  Climate Law and Carbon Markets 6cp 
76027  Competition Law 6cp 
78030  Criminal Sentencing Law 6cp 
76012  Criminology 6cp 
76023  Deceptive Trade Practices and Product Liability 6cp 
76010  Disability and the Law 6cp 
76088  Discrimination and the Law 6cp 
76052  Dispute Resolution Advocacy 6cp 
78040  Education: Rights and Responsibilities 6cp 
76020  Entertainment Law 6cp 
76024  Environmental Law 6cp 
78042  Environmental Planning and Development Law 6cp 
76801  Exchange Subject 1 6cp 
76802  Exchange Subject 2 6cp 
76803  Exchange Subject 3 6cp 
76804  Exchange Subject 4 6cp 
76516  Family Law 6cp 
76080  Finance Law 6cp 
76081  Gender and Law 6cp 
76030  Genetics and the Law 6cp 
76109  History and Theory of International Law 6cp 
76068  Indigenous Peoples and the Law 6cp 
76115  Insolvency 6cp 
76022  Insurance Law 6cp 
76056  Intellectual Property Commercialisation Overview 6cp 
76521  Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge 6cp 
76084  Intellectual Property: Copyright and Designs 6cp 
76085  Intellectual Property: Trade Marks and Patents 6cp 
76903  International Commercial Transactions 6cp 
77794  International Environmental Law 6cp 
76007  International Human Rights Law 6cp 
78016  International Humanitarian Law 6cp 
76108  International Law and Cultural Heritage 6cp 
76098  International Legal Internship 6cp 
76025  International Organisations 6cp 
76036  International Trade Law and the Environment 6cp 
76099  International and Comparative Study in Law (UG) 6cp 
76009  Introduction to Chinese Business Law 6cp 
76005  Islamic Law 6cp 
76039  Jessup International Moot 6cp 
76057  Judgment and the Rule of Law 6cp 
76008  Jurisprudence 6cp 
76015  Labour Law 6cp 
76069  Law and Justice Studies 6cp 
76902  Law and Literature 6cp 
76038  Law and Mental Health 6cp 
76034  Law of Slavery and Human Trafficking 6cp 
78008  Law of the Sea 6cp 
76063  Media Law 6cp 
76045  Medicine and Law 6cp 
76900  Moot 6cp 
76904  Price International Media Law Moot 6cp 
76089  Privacy and Surveillance Law 6cp 
70108  Public International Law 6cp 
78013  Refugee Law and Practice 6cp 
76090  Research Methodology 6cp 
76040  Research Thesis 6cp 
76212  Revenue Law 6cp 
76002  Sports Law 6cp 
76517  Succession 6cp 
78039  Wickedness and Vice 6cp 
76087  Workplace Health and Safety Law 6cp 
76013  World Trade Law 6cp 
Total  6cp