University of Technology Sydney

CBK90421 Options C

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
78243  Advanced Trusts Law 6cp 
78026  Business and Law in China 6cp 
78129  Child Law in Australia 6cp 
78107  Climate Law and Carbon Markets 6cp 
78247  Collaborative Law 6cp 
78220  Commercial Equity 6cp 
78216  Competition Law in a Global Context 6cp 
78180  Converging Media Industries: Regulatory Challenges 6cp 
77903  Copyright Law 6cp 
78126  Corporate Governance 6cp 
78122  Corporate Insolvency 6cp 
78181  Deceptive Trade Practices 6cp 
77893  Designs Law and Practice 6cp 
78229  Disability and the Law 6cp 
79771  Dispute Resolution 6cp 
78246  Employment Law 6cp 
78236  Environmental Ethics 6cp 
78042  Environmental Planning and Development Law 6cp 
78294  Experiential Law and Practice 6cp 
77760  Family Dispute Resolution 6cp 
78239  Feminist Perspectives on Law and Justice 6cp 
78214  Finance Law 6cp 
78105  Genetics and the Law 6cp 
78015  Global Aspects of Intellectual Property Law 6cp 
78295  Global Professional Experience Project 6cp 
78182  Human Rights Law 6cp 
77930  Insurance Law 6cp 
78188  Intellectual Property Commercialisation 6cp 
78186  Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge 6cp 
78184  Intellectual Property: Law and Policy 6cp 
78153  International Commercial Transactions 6cp 
78010  International Criminal Law 6cp 
78156  International Environmental Law: Policy and Implementation 6cp 
78206  International Organisations 6cp 
77716  International Trade Law 6cp 
78023  International Trade Law and the Environment 6cp 
78293  International and Comparative Study in Law (PG) 6cp 
78235  Justice 6cp 
78210  Law and Literature 6cp 
77734  Law and Medicine 6cp 
78150  Law and Mental Health 6cp 
78222  Law of Slavery and Human Trafficking 6cp 
78292  Local Legal Internship Program 6cp 
78166  Media and Entertainment Law and Regulation 6cp 
78244  Mergers and Acquisitions Law 6cp 
77745  Negotiation 6cp 
77898  Patent Law 6cp 
77891  Patent Systems 6cp 
78296  Postgraduate Exchange Subject 1 6cp 
78297  Postgraduate Exchange Subject 2 6cp 
78298  Postgraduate Exchange Subject 3 6cp 
78299  Postgraduate Exchange Subject 4 6cp 
78101  Postgraduate Legal Research 6cp 
78248  Privacy and Surveillance: Law and Policy 6cp 
78158  Private International Law 6cp 
78245  Public Health Law 6cp 
78241  Reading the Law: Language, Power and Ideology 6cp 
77740  Research Paper 6cp 
78113  Securities Regulation 6cp 
78290  Strategic Litigation Practice 6cp 
78178  Telecommunications Law and Regulations 6cp 
77889  Trade Marks Law 6cp 
77890  Trade Marks Practice 6cp 
77867  Workplace Dispute Resolution 6cp 
Total  24cp