University of Technology Sydney

CBK90214 Major/Two sub-majors/Sub-major + four electives

Select 48 credit points of options:  48cp
CBK90216  Electives 24cp 
SMJ08098  Accounting Information Systems 24cp 
SMJ08086  Project Management 24cp 
MAJ08974  Project Management 48cp 
MAJ09362  Business Law 48cp 
SMJ09037  Business Law 24cp 
SMJ08075  Engineering Management 24cp 
SMJ08213  Event Management 24cp 
MAJ08940  Finance 48cp 
SMJ08147  Finance 24cp 
MAJ08934  Financial Analysis 48cp 
MAJ08020  Human Resource Management 48cp 
SMJ08066  Human Resources Management 24cp 
MAJ02044  Information Technology 48cp 
SMJ02038  Information Technology 24cp 
MAJ08941  International Business 48cp 
SMJ08148  International Business 24cp 
SMJ10028  International Exchange 24cp 
MAJ08476  Management 48cp 
SMJ08208  Management 24cp 
MAJ08480  Marketing 48cp 
SMJ08111  Marketing Research 24cp 
SMJ08084  Marketing 24cp 
SMJ08209  Not-for-Profit and Social Enterprise Management 24cp 
SMJ08037  Operations and Supply Chain 24cp 
MAJ08982  Operations and Supply Chain 48cp 
MAJ08483  Professional Accounting 48cp 
SMJ08155  Sport Management 24cp 
SMJ08153  Strategic Communication 24cp 
SMJ08038  Strategic Management 24cp 
SMJ08205  Strategic Marketing 24cp 
SMJ10087  Sustainable Enterprise and Responsible Management 24cp 
MAJ08938  Technology Management 48cp 
Total  48cp