University of Technology Sydney

CBK90121 Primary Education

Select 144 credit points of options:  144cp
010051  Beginning Teaching: Surviving and Thriving 6cp 
028226  Beyond Culture: Diversity in Context 6cp 
91161  Cell Biology and Genetics 6cp 
024424  Children's Theatre and Creative Arts 4: Staging Performances 6cp 
024422  Children's Theatre and Creative Arts Study 2: Acting and Performing Skills - Genres for Children 6cp 
024423  Children's Theatre and Creative Arts Study 3: Production and Direction 6cp 
028248  Creative Arts 1: Visual Art 6cp 
024421  Creative Arts 4: Drama 6cp 
028228  Digital Learning Futures 6cp 
028250  English Education 1 6cp 
024411  English Study 1: Shapes and Patterns in Literary Narrative from Sendak to Shakespeare 6cp 
024412  English Study 2: Images of Australia, the Place and the People - Literary Representations in Prose, Poetry and Drama 6cp 
024413  English Study 3: The Literature of Protest 6cp 
024414  English Study 4: Cultural and Textual Cross-currents 6cp 
010052  Environmental Sustainability Education 6cp 
022204  HSIE Study 3: Multicultural Australia in its Asia-Pacific Regional Context, Implications for Teaching 6cp 
91400  Human Anatomy and Physiology 6cp 
021702  ICT in School Education: Current Issues and Applications 6cp 
023821  Inclusive Education: Behaviour 6cp 
028225  Issues in Education: Local and Global Contexts 6cp 
012225  Issues in Indigenous Australian Education 6cp 
028227  Learning and Development across the Lifespan 6cp 
012213  Learning in Science and Technology 1 6cp 
012214  Learning in Science and Technology 2 6cp 
013986  Literacy and Numeracy Across the Curriculum 6cp 
028239  Mathematics Education 1 6cp 
94537  Mathematics Study 1 4cp 
012210  Mathematics Teaching and Learning 1 6cp 
012212  Mathematics Teaching and Learning 3 6cp 
024705  Multimodal Texts: Comprehending and Creating 6cp 
026412  Music Moves 6cp 
026411  Music Study 1 6cp 
026702  Music and Society 6cp 
027411  PDHPE Study 1: Theory and Practice of Personal Development Health and Physical Education and Support 6cp 
027412  Personal Development Health and Physical Education: Teachers and Physical Activity 6cp 
012221  Philosophical and Ethical Practice in Education 6cp 
012233  Professional Experience 3: Integrating Learning Technologies 6cp 
012234  Professional Experience 4: Integrating Diverse Contexts in Education 6cp 
012235  Professional Experience 5: Teaching Students with Special Educational Needs 6cp 
012236  Professional Experience 6: Programming and Assessing in Education 6cp 
012237  Professional Experience 7: Meeting the English Language Needs of Learners 6cp 
012238  Professional Experience 8: Reflecting on Educational Practice 6cp 
028242  Science and Technology Education 1 6cp 
028411  Science and Technology Study 1: The Human Body 6cp 
028412  Science and Technology Study 2: Science and Technology in Daily Life 6cp 
028413  Science and Technology Study 3: Issues in Science, Technology and Society 6cp 
028414  Science and Technology Study 4: Planet Earth 6cp 
028236  Special Education: Inclusion 6cp 
010050  Student Welfare: Implications for Teaching and Learning 6cp 
013219  Studio Practice: Ceramics 6cp 
013218  Studio Practice: Painting 6cp 
022603  Teaching Across the Curriculum 6cp 
024713  Teaching English in International Contexts 6cp 
Total  144cp