University of Technology Sydney

CBK90075 Electives (Business)

Select 6 credit points of options:  6cp
22420  Accounting Standards and Regulations 6cp 
22320  Accounting for Business Combinations 6cp 
22207  Accounting for Business Decisions B 6cp 
24205  Business-to-Business Marketing 6cp 
24202  Consumer Behaviour 6cp 
22321  Cost Management Systems 6cp 
24210  Integrated Marketing Communications 6cp 
22240  International Accounting 6cp 
24220  International Marketing 6cp 
21129  Managing People and Organisations 6cp 
24108  Marketing Foundations 6cp 
22567  Planning and Control for Small Business Enterprises 6cp 
22566  Small Business Management and Accounting 6cp 
21407  Strategic Human Resource Management 6cp 
21591  Transnational Management 6cp 
Total  6cp