University of Technology Sydney

C10235v2 Bachelor of Accounting

Award(s): Bachelor of Accounting (BAcc)
UAC code: 601010 (Autumn session)
Commonwealth supported place?: Yes
Load credit points: 150
Course EFTSL: 3.125
Location: City campus


This course is only offered to local students.

This is a scholarship degree intended for recent school leavers.

This course is not offered to international students.

Career options
Course intended learning outcomes
Admission requirements
Assumed knowledge
Course duration and attendance
Course structure
Course completion requirements
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The Bachelor of Accounting is a cooperative education program in accounting. It is an intensive course offered in conjunction with major employers. Students complete a compulsory first major in accounting and receive a scholarship and full-time work training.

This course is a specialist degree for high-achieving students who view an accounting career as an excellent foundation for future business leaders. All students in the course receive a scholarship of up to $54,000 (including a $9,000 recruitment incentive at the end of the program) over three years and a year of full-time industry experience and are encouraged to complete a second major or sub-major in another business discipline. Historically the course has a graduate employment rate greater than 95 per cent.

Career options

Career options include accountant, auditor, business analyst, investment manager, management accountant, taxation adviser. Experienced accountants are highly sought after in all industries as well as government and not-for-profit organisations.

Course intended learning outcomes

1.1 Critically analyse relevant concepts to understand practice in business and related professions in a global workplace
1.2 Demonstrate interrelationships between differing business and related disciplines
2.1 Locate and critically evaluate relevant data and literature to address business problems through a research approach
2.2 Critically evaluate data & resources in the context of relevant academic literature
2.3 Apply critical and creative thinking to address issues in business
3.1 Convey information clearly and fluently in high-quality written form appropriate for their audience
3.2 Use oral communication appropriately to convey information clearly and fluently
3.3 Demonstrate and critically reflect on how individuals work in teams in an inclusive
4.1 Critically analyse business decisions in terms of ethical practice and social responsibility
4.2 Critically analyse sustainability principles for various stakeholders in relation to business contexts
5.1 Apply technical and professional skills necessary to operate effectively in business and related professions
5.2 Demonstrate the application of management fundamentals in the workplace environment

Admission requirements

Applicants must have completed an Australian Year 12 qualification, Australian Qualifications Framework Diploma, or equivalent Australian or overseas qualification at the required level.

This is an intensive scholarship course for current school leavers. Special application and selection procedures apply, including an early closing date for applications.

Eligibility for admission does not guarantee offer of a place.

Assumed knowledge

Mathematics and any two units of English.

Course duration and attendance

The course is completed in three years of full-time study, which includes two separate half years of full-time work training. Some subjects are fast-tracked over Summer session, while others are taken part-time during full-time work training, to allow completion of the degree within three years.

Course structure

The course comprises 150 credit points. All students must complete nine foundation core subjects and a compulsory accounting major, and choose from a second major, two sub-majors, or a sub-major plus four electives. Electives or structured elective sequences (totalling 24 credit points) can be taken from any faculty in the university, or from another university or its equivalent, with faculty approval.

Industrial training/professional practice

This course includes two full-time, six-month industry internships, with two different sponsoring employers.

The first internship is in the second half of the first year of the course; the second internship is in the first half of the third year of the course. Students are not paid by the sponsoring employer during these internships, but continue to receive their scholarship.

Course completion requirements

CBK90186 Major/Two sub-majors/Sub-major + four electives 48cp
MAJ08437 Accounting 48cp
STM90285 Core subjects (Accounting) 54cp
Total 150cp

Course diagram

Course diagram: C10235

Course program

A typical program is shown below, followed by the lists of available second majors and sub-majors.

Year 1
Autumn session
22107 Accounting for Business Decisions A   6cp
22207 Accounting for Business Decisions B   6cp
22605 Accounting Information Systems   6cp
25300 Fundamentals of Business Finance   6cp
23115 Economics for Business   6cp
26100 Integrating Business Perspectives   6cp
26134 Business Statistics   6cp
Spring session
22157 Australian Corporate Environment   6cp
24108 Marketing Foundations   6cp
Year 2
Autumn session
22321 Cost Management Systems   6cp
22320 Accounting for Business Combinations   6cp
79017 Taxation Law   6cp
Select 12 credit points of electives   12cp
Spring session
79014 Applied Company Law   6cp
22421 Management Decisions and Control   6cp
22420 Accounting Standards and Regulations   6cp
Select 12 credit points of electives   12cp
Year 3
Autumn session
22522 Assurance Services and Audit   6cp
22319 Financial Statement Analysis (Capstone)   6cp
Spring session
Select 24 credit points of electives   24cp
List of majors
MAJ02041 Information Technology   48cp
MAJ08438 Management   48cp
MAJ08440 Finance   48cp
MAJ08441 Marketing   48cp
MAJ08442 International Business   48cp
MAJ08443 Tourism Management   48cp
MAJ08445 Sport Management   48cp
MAJ08446 Human Resource Management   48cp
MAJ09401 Business Law   48cp
MAJ09209 Economics   48cp
List of sub-majors
SMJ01025 Quantitative Management   24cp
SMJ01007 Mathematics   24cp
SMJ01009 Statistics   24cp
SMJ02036 Business Information Systems   24cp
SMJ08116 Financial Reporting   24cp
SMJ08120 Business Innovation and Financial Management   24cp
SMJ08109 Management Consulting   24cp
SMJ08123 Finance   24cp
SMJ08126 Sport Management   24cp
SMJ08127 Tourism Management   24cp
SMJ08128 Human Resource Management   24cp
SMJ08129 International Management   24cp
SMJ08130 Management   24cp
SMJ08137 Advertising   24cp
SMJ08138 Marketing   24cp
SMJ08139 International Business Studies   24cp
SMJ09028 Economics   24cp
SMJ09030 Business Law   24cp
SMJ08131 Advanced Advertising   24cp
SMJ09033 Taxation Law   24cp
SMJ09034 International Studies   24cp
SMJ09036 Specialist Country Studies   24cp
SMJ08195 Accounting in Practice   24cp
SMJ02037 Information Technology   24cp
SMJ09035 Language other than English   24cp
SMJ09058 Econometrics   24cp
SMJ08203 Event Management   24cp
SMJ08204 Strategic Marketing   24cp

Levels of award

The Bachelor of Accounting may be awarded with distinction, credit or pass.


A Bachelor of Accounting (Honours) (C09062) is available. This is offered on a one-year, full-time basis.

Professional recognition

Students successfully completing the Bachelor of Accounting meet the educational membership requirements for entry into CPA Australia (CPAA), Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ), Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), and Institute of Public Accountants (IPA).

Other information

Further information is available at Bachelor of Accounting, or contact:

Office of Cooperative Education
Accounting Discipline Group