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Postgraduate course information

Communication offers a range of master's degrees, graduate diplomas and graduate certificates by coursework. In addition, doctoral and master's (research) programs are also offered.

The following information is intended to assist postgraduate students to plan and complete their studies within UTS Communication.

Further information and general inquiries on postgraduate courses can be directed to the UTS Student Centre.

Postgraduate applications

Postgraduate coursework

The School of Communication offers graduate coursework programs in:

Within each program, courses may be offered at the level of graduate certificate, graduate diploma or master's degree.

Most programs are articulated so that students can progress through the program at their own pace and more effectively meet their individual study and development needs. This also allows students to enter the program at a point appropriate to their qualifications and experience.

The graduate programs are normally structured as follows:

  • master's degrees: 72 credit points
  • graduate diplomas: 48 credit points
  • graduate certificates: 24 credit points

Students who successfully complete the graduate certificate or graduate diploma and who are admitted to a more advanced-level course in the program are eligible for recognition of prior learning in the more advanced course for completed subjects.

All graduate courses are fee-paying courses.

Session load

  • Full-time study is usually undertaken at the normal load of 24 credit points a session.
  • Part-time study is usually undertaken at the normal rate of 8 or 16 credit points a session.

Session load - Online coursework

Students can take 6 credit points a session to satisfy a full-time study load. Depending on the commencement of the course, students may complete the degree within 8 months full-time study or 10 months full-time study.

Subject availability

Subjects in our postgraduate courses are normally offered every session or every year. Classes proceed in a given session only when there is sufficient demand. UTS: Communication reserves the right to cancel a class or a subject if it is not viable.


Students may apply via eRequest to select subjects outside of their option list. eRequests will be sent to the School for approval.
Not all subjects are available every session.


The UTS Timetable Planner enables current and future UTS students to view subject timetables.

Progression rules

Students should refer to the UTS Student Rules on academic progression to find out more information on rules about minimum rate of progress, maximum time to complete course requirements, repeated failure in a subject, academic caution and appeals.

Postgraduate research

The Faculty's postgraduate research degrees encourage both disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches, and focus on developing research capabilities relevant to academic and professional careers.

Postgraduate research students at UTS belong to a vibrant research community working with leading academics in their area of study. Students come from a variety of professional communities and academic backgrounds, are encouraged to be active members of the faculty's research groups, and are integral to the success the faculty's research activities and profile.

  • Applicants need to source two supervisors in the School of Communication who agree to oversee their project to completion.
  • All students are required to successfully complete the research training coursework subject 51913 Academic Research Practice which will develop their research knowledge and skills.

How to apply

Applications for research degrees should be made through UTS Graduate Research School.