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The Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation (BCII) is a multi-award-winning, accelerated combined degree that focuses on creative and critical thinking, problem-solving across disciplines, futures thinking, complexity, innovation, intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship and social impact. This transdisciplinary program is designed to give students a leading edge in their chosen professions, no matter what those professions will be, future-proofing their single ‘core’ degree and building inner capabilities through a ‘Curriculum for Being’ that will last a lifetime. Taking a transdisciplinary approach, students adapt multiple perspectives from diverse fields, working in teams with peers from every faculty at UTS.

The BCII offers a wide range of real-world industry challenges and experiences from the first subject onwards, equipping students to tackle the complex challenges and untapped opportunities of our times. Significantly, TD School has access to a wide range of over 800 industry partners, resulting in exceptional employment opportunities, as well as opportunities to work on live industry, government and community challenges and self-initiated projects throughout the four-year program.

Students can combine the BCII with one of 27 core degrees, making it a truly transformative pan-university experience that takes place through summer and winter schools in the first three years, followed by a full-time fourth year absorbed in transdisciplinary challenges and diverse industry contexts.

Location, contacts and inquiries

Further information is available from:

UTS Student Centre
telephone 1300 ask UTS (1300 275 887)
or +61 2 9514 1222


Policies and procedures

Refer to the policies and procedures for the faculty administering the core degree that is combined with BCII.

Professional practice

Interdisciplinary collaboration occurs within a diversity of complex, dynamic and networked contexts. The BCII integrates a range of live, real-world projects and industry experience, either locally or internationally.