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97106 Chinese Language and Culture 6

8cp; 2 x 2hr tutorials/week; availability: exchange and study abroad students with faculty approval
Requisite(s): 97105 Chinese Language and Culture 5


This subject is designed to further consolidate and advance students' skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing in Chinese. It aims to allow students to gain a good grasp of Chinese idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms and a deep understanding of Chinese culture and contemporary Chinese society, enabling them to communicate and interact with Chinese people more effortlessly and effectively. By the end of the session, students are expected to be able not only to express themselves with a variety of topics discussed in class, but also to engage in general social interactions and discussions with Chinese people. Students are encouraged to take an active part in learning activities with their peers, and to seek opportunities to interact with native speakers of Chinese to practice and consolidate their Chinese language skills.

Typical availability

Spring session, City campus

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