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97104 Chinese Language and Culture 4

8cp; 2 x 2hr tutorials/week; availability: exchange and study abroad students with faculty approval
Requisite(s): 97103 Chinese Language and Culture 3
Anti-requisite(s): 97115 Developing Chinese Reading and Writing Skills 2


This subject is designed for students who have a basic knowledge of Chinese. It aims to further develop students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Chinese, and their understanding of Chinese culture and Chinese way of thinking. Great emphasis is placed on building up students' communicative confidence and competence. Through various oral and written texts, the subject allows students to express personal viewpoints in familiar contexts and topics related to personal interests. By the end of the subject, students are expected to be able to interact with native speakers of Chinese in a range of basic social situations with a reasonable degree of fluency and spontaneity. Students are encouraged to actively work with their peers as well as to reach out and interact with Chinese people outside the class for their language practice.

Typical availability

Spring session, City campus

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