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96086 Research Project 1

6cp; 4hpw (1 x 2hr masterclass, 1 x 2hr workshop)
There are course requisites for this subject. See access conditions.


This subject teaches skills necessary to conduct a research project. Students learn how to effectively search and appraise research findings to inform a literature review. Students gain an understanding of the research process with a focus on clinical research, by exploration of the scientific method including research design and methodology, ethical practice, data and statistical analysis. Students are allocated a group, a research question, and a supervisor. Students identify relevant background information for the project by performing a review of the scientific literature, presenting a research proposal pertaining to the research question, and preparing an application to an ethics committee. Students arrange and attend regular meetings with their supervisor outside of timetabled hours for the subject. In addition, students perform 10 hours of research work with a supervisor over the autumn and spring semesters. The 10 hours of research work may include tasks that assist with the supervisor's research (for example, assistance with data collection, analysis, collection of pilot data). Students log research hours and these are signed off by the supervisor when completed. Some students may be required to undertake specialised training (for example, in laboratory techniques), which takes place outside of timetabled hours for the subject.

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