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94680 Entering Professional Life (6cp)

6cp; on campus: 1 x 1 day (pre-internship workshop); 2hrs (mid-session reflective workshop); 2hrs (end-of-internship reflective workshop); online: collaborative online learning activities; off campus: 100hrs min. (140 hrs max.) at host organisation
Anti-requisite(s): 010071 Professional Practice 2 Language Literacy and Numeracy AND 010077 Professional Practice 2 Organisational Learning AND 012225 Issues in Indigenous Australian Education AND 012238 Professional Experience 8: Reflecting on Educational Practice AND 013004 Issues in Indigenous Australian Education AND 013009 Professional Experience 1 (Commerce, Business and Economics) AND 013011 Professional Experience 1 (English/History) AND 013012 Professional Experience 1 (English) AND 013013 Professional Experience 1 (Geography/Commerce, Business and Economics) AND 013014 Professional Experience 1 (History/Geography) AND 013016 Professional Experience 1 (Languages) AND 12231 Quantity Surveying 1 AND 12232 Quantity Surveying 2 AND 12233 Quantity Surveying 3 AND 12234 Estimating 1 AND 12235 Quantity Surveying 4 AND 12236 Estimating 2 AND 13012 Design and Invention 01 AND 13022 Design and Invention 02 AND 13032 Design and Invention 03 AND 15360 Community Project Planning AND 21211 Indigenous Community Organisation Practicum AND 21651 Professional Internship AND 21999 Business Internship AND 22157 Australian Corporate Environment AND 22999 Business Internship AND 23999 Business Internship AND 25999 Business Internship AND 31491 Industry Project 1 AND 31492 Industry Project 2 AND 41028 Engineering Work Experience AND 41036 Engineering Professional Experience 1 AND 41046 Engineering Professional Experience 2 AND 41061 IT Professional Experience 1 AND 41062 IT Professional Experience 2 AND 41063 IT Professional Experience 3 AND 41064 IT Professional Experience 4 AND 41071 Work Integrated Learning 1 AND 41072 Work Integrated Learning 2 AND 41073 Work Integrated Learning 3 AND 41074 Work Integrated Learning 4 AND 48100 Professional Practice (BE) AND 48110 Engineering Experience 1 AND 48130 Engineering Experience 2 AND 50838 Professional Practice (SMD) AND 54091 Professional Internship AND 57021 Journalism Internship AND 57997 Professional Communication Project AND 60702 Science Internship A (6cp) AND 60703 Science Internship A (12cp) AND 60704 Science Internship B (6cp) AND 60705 Science Internship B (12cp) AND 60706 Science Internship C (6cp) AND 60707 Science Internship (18cp) AND 60708 Science Internship D (6cp) AND 60709 Science Internship (24cp) AND 75411 Practical Experience AND 76069 Law and Justice Studies AND 76083 Ngiya Talk the Law: Editorial Role AND 76095 Strategic Litigation Clinic AND 76097 Local Internship AND 76098 International Legal Internship AND 76099 Applied Human Rights Fieldwork AND 78291 Experiential Legal Research AND 78295 Global Professional Experience Project AND 81522 Innovation Internship A AND 81525 Innovation Internship B AND 91552 Professional Experience in Biomedical Science 1 AND 91553 Professional Experience in Biomedical Science 2 AND 91557 Professional Experience in Biomedical Science PT A AND 92550 Sport and Exercise Science Practicum AND 94666 Innovation Internship AND 97900 International Internship AND 97901 International Internship AND 99205 Global Work Project AND 99630 Clinical Practice 1 (TCM) AND 99631 Clinical Practice 2 (TCM) AND 99644 Clinic Level 3 and Acupuncture Techniques 2 AND 99645 Clinic Level 4 and Acupuncture Techniques 3 AND 99646 Clinic Level 5 and Acupuncture Microsystems AND 99647 Clinic Level 6 AND 99667 Clinical Theory and Clinic Level 1 AND 99668 Clinic Level 2 and Acupuncture Techniques 1 AND 99669 Clinical Practice 3 AND 99670 Clinical Practice 4 AND C09018 Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) AND C09051 Bachelor of Midwifery (Honours) AND C09057 Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (Honours) AND C10122 Bachelor of Nursing AND C10123 Bachelor of Nursing Bachelor of Arts in International Studies AND C10225 Bachelor of Midwifery AND C10300 Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science AND C10301 Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Management AND C10302 Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science Bachelor of Arts in International Studies AND C10303 Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Management Bachelor of Arts in International Studies AND C10328 Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation AND C10329 Bachelor of Midwifery Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation AND C10351 Bachelor of Nursing Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation AND C10360 Bachelor of Health Science


This subject provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on work experience through undertaking an internship to increase their employability, socialise into a professional role and strengthen their professional identity. Students are guided in seeking, obtaining, learning from and reflecting on an internship. Students learn to articulate their learning and career goals to guide their experience and ensure a good match with an approved internship program. The focus is on developing the skills and attributes required for a successful job application; contributing productively to workplace practices; developing professional networks; developing self-analysing skills and awareness of learning needs and goals; improving written, interpersonal and culturally appropriate communication skills; learning to integrate their academic skills and knowledge with workplace skills; and expanding their awareness of how personal attributes influence professional branding and identity.

Students gain a greater awareness of: the complex ambiguities of working and professional life; how to effectively manage themselves and their professional relationships to be successful in the workplace; transferable and technical skills that are essential in their industry of interest; and new-found opportunities that are developed through their professional networks. Completing this subject supports students to reflect on their professional identity, performance and learning objectives and how the internship experience can help shape their future career aspirations.

There is an application process for students who wish to undertake this subject.

Detailed subject description.

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