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92550 Sport and Exercise Science Practicum

Requisite(s): (((60 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C10300 Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science OR 60 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C10302 Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science Bachelor of Arts International Studies)) OR 60 credit points of completed study in C10328 Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation )
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This subject requires students to undertake preparatory coursework followed by a professional practicum/internship with an organisation in the sport and exercise industry aligned with the sports science criteria established by Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA). This assists in developing knowledge, employment skills, vocational experience and contacts identified as essential to career success. Throughout their practicum, students are exposed to the managerial and practical functions and activities of the sport industry, and are given an opportunity to apply and extend the skills and knowledge they have developed in other subjects. Following the preparatory coursework, students are required to undertake between 140 and 210 hours of work with an industry-based organisation and complete an agreed program of work designed to achieve predetermined learning objectives. Throughout the practicum process, students receive formative feedback on their curriculum vitae and performance. Students keep a logbook throughout their practicum and complete a report on their learning outcomes at its conclusion, where they also receive an evaluation of their performance from their workplace supervisor.

Typical availability

Autumn session, Moore Park precinct
Spring session, Moore Park precinct

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