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92449 Health Assessment and Nursing Therapeutics

6cp; 3 x 1hr lectures per week for 4 weeks; 3 x 3hr Laboratory sessions per week for 4 weeks



This subject assists students in understanding the role of the registered nurse in contemporary health care and the way nursing care is planned and delivered in the Australian context. Students are introduced to nursing as a person-centred, evidence-based and highly skilled profession aimed at promoting health, providing intervention in situations of health breakdown and supporting recovery. Through the exploration of clinical situations, students are guided to develop skills in prioritisation, clinical decision-making and professional communication. This subject highlights the need for comprehensive health assessment, the promotion and maintenance of positive health behaviours, and the prevention of health breakdown through early detection and intervention. The interprofessional nature of nursing work, the essential need for nursing leadership, and the imperatives of quality and safety are conveyed throughout. This subject facilitates a smooth transition into the accelerated program of the Bachelor of Nursing (C10122).

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