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91815 Drug Discovery

6cp; 2hpw (seminar or workshops), 4 x 3hr (practicals)
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Over the past 200 years, modern medicine has improved the lives of millions of people across the globe. This is largely due to advancement in therapeutic agents, or drugs. These drugs not only cure and prevent fatal diseases, but they can also alleviate pain and extend or improve the quality of life. The discovery and development of antimicrobial drugs in particular has been credited with drastically increasing human life expectancy. The discovery and development of drugs is a complex and dynamic process involving an interdisciplinary approach which incorporates screening for, identification and validation of candidate compounds, pharmacology of the compound, safety and efficacy clinical trials and finally governmental approval and marketing of the new drug.

This subject serves as a foundation of knowledge for drug discovery and development, with a particular focus on the development of new antimicrobials in the age of antibiotic resistance. It gives students an overview of the processes involved in discovery and development of drugs, from initial concepts to clinical applications. Students are also introduced to various drug discovery methods, which include drug repurposing, medicinal chemistry and combination therapies in addition to finding new candidate compounds. The subject also allows students to develop the necessary knowledge of the drug discovery and development processes, critically analyse scientific literature, perform initial in vitro experiments to test the efficacy and safety of candidate compounds, communicate the findings of scientific data via written and oral presentations and learn how to pitch a novel compound to an industry partner.

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