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91167 Introduction to Oceanography

6cp; 2hpw (face-to-face blended learning), 3hpw (practicals), 1.5hpw (online interactive)


The ocean covers ~70% of the Earth’s surface, and is fundamentally important to our social, economic and environmental wellbeing, underpinning Australia’s ‘blue economy’, worth over 42 billion annually. Despite its value, the ocean faces major challenges—e.g. declining fisheries needed to sustain the human population, the accumulation of plastic and other pollution, and the loss or degradation of habitats due to coastal development. For the ocean to have a new future, we need to understand how it works and devise solutions for how we can improve its health. This subject will explore the physical, chemical and geological processes that occur over different spatial and temporal scales, and the impact this has on ocean life. The interaction of the ocean with the atmosphere and climate systems will be examined, highlighting contemporary changes and options for mitigation and adaptation. We will examine key processes through hands-on experimentation and contemporary data acquisition and processing techniques, including use of open-access software. You will develop skills in problem-solving, application of digital technology and data visualisation to understand ocean processes, collecting and analysing both field and laboratory data.

This subject is predominantly taught at UTS City Campus, with some laboratory practicals and lectures presented at other Sydney-based locations.

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