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89109 Design Workshop: Experimental Media

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This subject allows students to develop their practice in the 'back end' of the design process by focusing on the visual journal, perhaps the most important tool in the designer's toolkit. The visual journal is a place to capture ideas, record experiences, tease out visual concepts, 'muck around' with materials, document curiosities and weave together threads of research. This subject brings the visual journal to the forefront as a key outcome of the design process, valuable in its own right.

The subject is suitable for animators, architects, product designers and graphic designers, in short, anyone whose job it is to come up with new visual ideas. In tutorials students take the time to build exemplary visual journals in order to arrive at alternative techniques in creative thinking, new approaches to ideas generation and unlikely pathways to design research.

Students begin the session by pitching an ambitious idea for a creative work: a film, an exhibition, a building, a product, etc., and then spend the session, researching, developing and iterating upon the idea in their visual journals. Students are assessed on the visual journal they have prepared in service of the project and their capacity to draw on this process while pitching/selling/explaining the idea.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus

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Access conditions

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