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86222 Context: Synthesis

6cp; 4hpw (studio); lecture series is shared with Design Studio
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Core subject: Context


This subject is the final in a series of skill-based, spatial representation subjects. It closes and consolidates three years of learning in technical, graphic and representational techniques through spatial practice.

Context subjects explore the depiction of space through orthographic drawings, construction practices, post-production and spatial narratives. This subject continues to interrogate these codes of production by extending student repertoire through a series of interdisciplinary skill-based modules. These include website and publication formats, digital fabrication, photography, video and verbal presentation techniques. The skill-based modules provide students with the means to identify, explore, discuss and develop their final design projects using diverse medias and formats.

This subject generates critical studio dialogue to test and examine module themes and principles. During lectures and tutorials, students explore the processes required to develop project-oriented, industry-standard outcomes.

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Access conditions

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