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86113 Context: Construction Technologies

6cp; 1hpw (lecture: Wednesday), 3hpw (tutorial: Thursday)
There are course requisites for this subject. See access conditions.
Recommended studies:

Active participation in Orientation week activities is highly recommended, as it is when students are inducted in software management.

Core subject: Context


This subject is the first of four in a series of construction-focused core subjects. It is an introductory explanation of the most relevant typologies and systems of spatial construction. The construction of interior space is explained through seven hierarchically related layers that contain and build interior space:

  1. structure
  2. envelope
  3. partitions
  4. linings
  5. systems (atmospheric, water supply, appliances)
  6. furniture
  7. decoration.

The structure and envelope topics are explained as architectural components relevant to interior design construction. They represent the containing layers; the built limits of interior space. They provide spatial, typological, thermal and illumination values and limitations to contained space. Thus it is essential for interior architects to have a proper knowledge of available typologies, their potentials, limitations and the way they affect the later development of interior transformations. Students study them in order to understand the role that existing structures and envelopes play in the transformation of interior space.

The remaining five layers (partitions to decoration) are essential to the development of interior architecture design practice.

The subject is specifically focused on the relations between the seven layers and the construction of space. This is addressed throughout interactive studio and lecture sessions.

Each of the seven layers are explored through the production graphic representation and construction physical models of selected case studies. Normally, the selected case studies are relevant houses built after the Second World War across the globe.

The final objective of the subject is providing students with the ability to differentiate construction systems and layers in the production of interior space, but also giving them the intellectual and technical skills to represent and critique construction technologies relevant to the discipline.

Therefore, students produce highly technical documentation underpinned with narrative structures. Plans, sections, details and physical models are explored as tools to both explore and communicate the production of built interior space.

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Access conditions

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