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85302 Social Media Cultures

6cp; block studios (a minimum of 80% attendance is required)
Requisite(s): 85202 Design Futuring


The internet is over 30 years old, and social media just over 10 years old. Yet these systems have radically changed how most people around the world spend much of their time. The nature of what it means to be present as a person in society has been, for many people, fundamentally changed in the last decade.

This subject introduces students to a range of ways of critically making sense of the internet and social media. The focus of the subject is, on the one hand, on the interaction designs that empower digital connectivity, and, on the other hand, the way different cultures are responding to those interaction designs. Though the subject exposes students to a number of critical frameworks for interrogating online cultures, their own experiences using these platforms are essential to how we, together, make sense of 'social media cultures'.

This subject is a lab, so combines desk research with collaboratively designed responses to that research. These collaborations take place in part in the very contexts that students are seeking to critically examine, so students need to develop strongly reflectively ways of working. The focus of those designed responses depends on the student's lab leader.

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