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84909 Product Design and Sustainability

6cp; weekly lecture, 2hpw (studio)
Requisite(s): 84611 Integrated Product Design AND 84117 Product Design Communication B


This subject explores the challenges and opportunities associated with designing to sustain and revitalise healthy ecologies on planet earth. Students are engaged in the critical evaluation of different strategies for design, giving consideration to the implications of different strategic approaches to sustainability for society, the environment and global economies. They are introduced to different approaches to interpreting contexts for design and are helped to identify promising opportunities for the redesign of products to achieve more sustainable outcomes. Through practical, research-led projects, students explore the practicalities of working within researched parameters. The subject provides students with the opportunity to develop their ideas on the future of values-based product design, based on social, environmental and economic responsibility.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus

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