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76106 Technology Law, Policy and Ethics (Capstone 1)

Requisite(s): ((120 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C10124 Bachelor of Laws AND 108 credit points of completed study in spk(s): STM90832 LLB Core Subjects) OR 108 credit points of completed study in spk(s): STM90691 144cp Law Stream )


This subject explores the policy and ethical issues that arise in light of the impact that technology is having on the type of work that lawyers do and the way that they do it. There are three main types of change impacting the law at this time.

  1. Legal and discovery processes are all being automated. Automation is delivering cheaper legal services and managing vast quantities of data that need to be analysed and produced in court. As a result of this automation, the level of human review and oversight is being eroded.
  2. Law firms are changing their structure and modes of operation. Many are creating applications for the clients to assist in the way that they deal with their customers. Others are giving legal advice remotely and/or virtually. Both of these innovations are creating a distance between the lawyer and client; as well as denying lawyers a centralised collegiate and supportive workplace.
  3. Technology is changing the nature of transactions and ways of conducting business. These changes include less cash, digital signatures, and decentralised peer-to-peer economies. These innovations create challenges and opportunities for regulators and governments who want to ensure compliance with 'know your customer' and 'anti-money laundering' legislation and principles of good governance.

Lawyers need to be adaptive and technically capable. This subject explores the ethical and policy issues arising from these new social and business platforms enabled by innovative technologies.

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