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65322 Major Scene Investigation

6cp; 2hpw (lecture), 3hpw (practical class)
Requisite(s): 65342 Crime Scene Investigation AND 68101 Foundations of Physics


Major Scene Investigation expands on the techniques, methods and interpretation skills required within the forensic science discipline. Students draw on and further expand upon prior knowledge gained in previous subjects, in particular that of 65342 Crime Scene Investigation and 65316 Criminalistics.

Major Scene Investigation allows students to develop an in-depth understanding of industry-relevant crime scene procedures and techniques while learning about the types of major scenes they may encounter in a work environment. Building on this concept, students are expected to identify and control hazards of major scenes and evaluate and exploit a variety of physical evidence in realistic forensic scenarios.

After completion of this subject, students are proficient in industry-standard major crime scene and exhibit examination techniques, holding a skill set similar to that of a forensic investigator.

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