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57192 Defamation, Drones and Ethics: Media Accountability

There are course requisites for this subject. See access conditions.
Anti-requisite(s): 57012 Regulation of the Media


This subject examines the core legal and regulatory frameworks and free speech issues under which journalists work – and citizens often seek redress – within a broader consideration of media accountability. Students are asked to consider and discuss recent attempts to impose stricter media curbs, in the wake of debate about media power and subsequent government inquiries in Australia and the United Kingdom. Issues relating to defamation, privacy and rights and privileges enjoyed by journalists, including practical examples and workshops, form the backbone of the subject and aim to equip students with ready-to-work knowledge. The subject explores emerging areas of legal concern, including libel arising from social media, and ongoing debates over privacy in a networked society. Self-regulation of the press informs debate and consideration on the broader subject of how the media is held to account for its actions. By reflecting on self-regulation, students are asked to consider key underlying questions relating to the role of journalists in society.

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