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57025 Intercultural and International Communication

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Graduate subject - Public Communication - 400 level


Drawing on latest research and developments, this subject introduces core concepts, debates and vocabularies in the interdisciplinary, and relatively new field of intercultural communication. Intercultural communication is a necessary part of personal and professional lives as a result of global restructuring of economic, social and cultural relations. As a result of new communication technologies, the movement of people across borders, overseas study, global media, transnational jobs, tourism, global migration, international conflicts, global economies, transnational organisations, people from different backgrounds come into contact with one another across a range of culturally diverse contexts: home and neighbourhood, places of leisure, community organisations, workplaces, and regions.

The subject move away from simplistic ways of understanding culture to test new ways of working on intercultural communication personally and professionally. Students study intercultural communication as constructed through sociopolitical and cultural processes. This means understanding intercultural communication against a backdrop of stereotyping and othering where international communication takes place (communities, workplace, business, politics), and the wider issues of inclusion and social justice in relation to education, mobility and work. The approach adopted on the subject is pragmatic, critical, ethical and interdisciplinary.

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