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54032 Fictions

Requisite(s): (54030 Exploring Media Arts AND 54031 Composing the Real) OR (58113 Exploring Media Arts AND 58115 Composing the Real)
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
There are course requisites for this subject. See access conditions.
Anti-requisite(s): 58114 Fictions: Storytelling, Narrative and Drama


This subject explores dramatic, fictional and narrative storytelling in the media arts. Students are introduced to the ways in which narrative and drama operate in script, digital and filmic forms, gaining an understanding of key concepts such as structure and conflict, and key techniques involving cinematography and visual style, editing, performance, and sound design. They extend their knowledge of fictional media forms into digital approaches involving interaction and audience engagement. Assessment tasks involve script development, a digital project, and a team-based moving image narrative project. In-class exercises and out-of-class workshops extend and support the learning within the subject.

Detailed subject description.

Access conditions

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