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50816 Audio Cultures

There are course requisites for this subject. See access conditions.
Anti-requisite(s): 50835 Audio Culture AND 50861 Audio Culture


This subject explores audio practices and histories in the context of media, cultural, and artistic traditions, and contemporary trends. It introduces students to the relationship between sound, music and other art forms and aesthetic traditions as a way of examining audio practice and culture within a holistic context that includes both cultural production and reception. Each semester is based around a specific thematic, such as location or time, which is explored with the guidance of creative assignment briefs in a number of different audio-based forms. Working on these creative tasks, students develop core skills in understanding and producing audio for a variety of different settings and outcomes, as well as developing fundamental skills in sound gathering and recording, production planning and conceptualisation, alongside basic editing, collaboration and mixing skills. Students develop skills in applying theoretical and historical ideas in a practical production framework throughout the subject as a foundation for the rest of the major stream.

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Access conditions

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