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48750 Network Planning and Management

6cp; 1hwp (lecture/tutorial), 1hpw (quiz/simulation)
Requisite(s): 48740 Communications Networks AND 33230 Mathematical Modelling 2

Fields of practice: Telecommunications Engineering program



The first objectives of this subject are for students to develop competencies needed for the planning and management of communications networks, particularly in the areas of traffic source modelling, performance analysis, dimensioning, simulation and management. In this context, traffic is demand for use of the resources in a communications network.

Students acquire a foundation in: modelling of traffic including packet-based systems; dimensioning of fixed networks and mobile networks; performance analysis of networks based on queuing theory; circuit switching networks; and packet switching networks.

Topics include: traffic source modelling; Markov chain theory; network design, planning and dimensioning; introduction to teletraffic engineering; basics of traffic system design; traffic models for loss and delay systems; network optimisation through both stochastic and deterministic methods; client and server placement; mobile network optimisation; management based on SNMP and the MIB; and reliability of networks.

The second objective of the subject is to introduce the student to new network paradigms and network management paradigms. In particular, the developing fields of software-defined networks and network function virtualisation are covered in detail, with extensive practical applications through the network emulation environment.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus

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