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48721 Strategic e-Business Technologies



The objectives of this subject are to introduce the basic concepts and terminology used in telecommunications engineering; to give basic, up-to-date, hands-on, technical skills; to familiarise students with the technology underlying the internet, telecommunications and electronic business, and to allow the students to make informed decisions about technology and system security.

Topics covered include: software (applications and operating systems, make or buy, ERP solutions, estimating, software engineering), PCs and office networks, analogue/digital, bandwidth, compression, codes, human factors, data communications, protocols, OSI model, the Public Switched Telephone Network, switched circuit and packet switching (T channels, ISDN, X25, Frame Relay, ATM, SONET, modems, ADSL), the internet (history, TCP/IP, WWW, Java, CGI, architectures, sockets, services, DNS, routing), wireless technologies (satellites, GSM), and security (purpose, threats, trust, authentication, encryption, SET, signatures, certificates).

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