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42026 Biomedical Polymers

Requisite(s): 65111 Chemistry 1

Fields of practice: Biomedical Engineering major


Plastics, which are made out of polymers, are becoming an absolute essential material in today's society. Particularly, polymers play an integral role as enhanced biomaterials in the health care industries. These highly versatile materials have great potential in the fields of biomedical engineering and nanomedicine. Knowledge and research in this area has been evolving rapidly and represents a crucial field of study. This subject builds on the basic knowledge of chemistry acquired in 65111 Chemistry 1. Students gain an understanding of the different processes of generating various types of polymers, and explore the processes to advance therapeutic approaches in medicine. The subject encompasses constructive and practical methodologies to tackle the important aspects of the biocompatibility and biofunctionality of polymers. Topics include four main areas: (i) the synthesis and characterisation of synthetic polymers, (ii) biological polymers and stimuli responsive polymers, (iii) hydrogels for tissue engineering and drug/gene polymeric delivery systems, and (iv) conducting polymers as electrodes for electrophysiology/biofuel cells and medical polymer nanofibres/films. The subject also explores the design of cutting-edge polymeric systems for biomedical applications.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus

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